Inn Love is Back….. Paperback!

After a bit of waiting and a bit of work, Inn Love has returned. Now available in paperback, which has been my dream from the start. I hope you’ll enjoy the new format!

You can find it here.

Happy reading, book lovers.



My publisher has closed down, thus Inn Love is temporarily unavailable for purchase. But don’t be too sad! I am exploring my options to bring it back, with print copies available!!! This is a non-negotiable. I’m dying to see my book in print, and I know lots of you out there wanted a print copy.

In the meantime, you can check out other pieces of my writing. You can find them all on Amazon.

Tilt Kettle is a short story about a chef who is unhappy with his life and is trying to seduce a young cook to try to make himself feel better.

The Weight of Nectar is my chapbook of poetry. I am immensely proud of this book. I wrote all the poems, created all the art, and put the book together myself. It was a labour of love. It is about the journey through mental health recovery. I hope you’ll pick up a copy.

I’ll be certain to let you all know when Inn Love is available once more.

Thanks for reading!



Hello! Welcome to my website. Right now I’m listening to Ed Sheerhan, my dog lying at my feet, my laptop on my cluttered desk. This is typical writer life in my world.

You’ll find lots of cool stuff here, hopefully I’ll be filling all the pages soon and you’ll be my new best friend and biggest fan and want to read everything I’ve ever written. (A writer can dream can’t she!?). I hope you’ll stay awhile and read awhile and even leave me a note or two.

My very first novel “Inn Love” is going to be published soon. I can’t wait! If you want to know about all the other stuff I’ve written, check out the tabs above.

Happy reading!

Your new friend,