“Circular Fiction” by Milicent Fambrough

Circular Fiction

Wasn’t she something

To see that speed

See that drive

A wildfire of forcefulness

You set the sky on fire

Oranges pinks and gold

The grand dance of heavenly bodies

The silk of night come calling

Chase her fire across the sky

Extinguish her burning daylight

She will sleep in your arms till morning

Tomorrow starts the chase again

She wakes moving heavy arms


Artist Bio:
Artist milicent fambrough,
Artist statement
My current work centers on self examination and expression. My influences are many spanning from turn of the century into contemporary. From classic to modern I love artwork in all forms. My three most favorite are Art Deco, abstract, and pop art.
I draw mostly from pop culture and the city I call home San Antonio Texas.
My day consists of tending my home, networking with preforming acts and checking in with good friends. Painting daily and sketching with the odd doodle mixed into a routine of sorts. Early mornings, late evenings, lots of interesting outings make up my life. Photography is another passion for me being a person who observes more than the usual.
Born on the west coast. I grew to adulthood on the third coast. I still have yet to see the east coast. The eldest of a single parent household. College educated and formally trained for graphic design. Growing up I was mentored by my grandmother an oil painter and hobby artist.
My pace is a constant flow of new mediums or art traditions. Switching them back and forth to keep the artwork fresh.
This is my digital portfolio.
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Hashtags #milicent210
#art #creative #visualartist #satx #sanantonioart #sanantonioartscene

Warrior, Woman, Wildflower

My latest collection of poetry, Warrior, Woman, Wildflower is available for purchase. This book is about the facets of a woman’s life. If you like a feminist read, you’ll like this. I’m so proud of this collection. I do hope you will enjoy it.

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Stay safe and well, friends.

“Fairy Lights” by Howard Pell

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights in the dark

A separate string for everyone I know

Your string has more lights

Shines longer, brighter

Each light symbolizes us together

Unseen wires connect us when we’re apart

The happy memories outshine the sad ones

Our string of joys, laughter, sorrows, tears Always strung together, lights unnumbered

Artist Bio

Howard Pell wrote Fairy Lights for his wife on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary 2020 May 24.

Howard wrote and self-published Retire Fit, Fit and Fit (www.howardpell.ca) and co-authored and self-published Retire Fit with S.A.F.E. Workouts (www.retirefit.life). He has written many short stories, poems and is working on his first novel.

Howard retired in 2014 and is a writer, videographer, Flamenco promoter, Rotarian and a world traveller. Howard and his wife Rosemary live in Kitchener, Ontario.