“Kintsugi” by Eloise Typewriter


The Japanese do not
disguise their breakage,
gluing back the broken pieces
with a special lacquer
dusted with gold.
I would be much more willing
to show the world my scars
if my flaws could ever
look that beautiful.

When I am ready to forgive you,
there will be golden seams
running through my veins.
There is beauty in repair…


About the Author:
Eloise is a 20-something poet that believes words can heal the wounds of the world. She received her M.A. in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University. Her work often focuses on mental illness and unique love narratives. Eloise has been published in several poetry anthologies, including Splintered Souls by A.B. Baird Publishing and North Carolina’s Best Emerging Poets by Z Publishing. When not sipping coffee or collecting typewriters in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can find Eloise on Instagram at eloise_the_typewriter.