“The Tree” by Denise Boehler

The Tree

The tree, I look at Terry, needs to come down

She beams at me, awash in emotional light. Buzzed on Dale’s Pale Ale.

Let’s bring it to Cowie, she burps.

Can I give him back the Swarovski crystal snowflake?

He is standing there, the moment of presentation.

Reaching out to me, handing me the red foil-wrapped box with the gold bow.

To start, hopefully, that Southern boy charm kind of way, a new Christmas tradition.

No, Terry turns, You can’t. It reflects a beautiful, shining moment.

Plus, the depth of your sadness is the depth of your beauty.


About the author: 
Denise Boehler is a Naropa graduate with a masters in eco-psychology, and a background in law, real estate, and animal advocacy. She is always interested in finding ways to cultivate communication between people and animals, in being a voice for the voiceless. From homeless dog advocacy to wolf reintroduction to coexistence with bears to saving roadside wildlife, her passions derive from a lifelong love affair with animals. Visit her (wildsight.co or womensight.co) or connect with her on LinkedIn.
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