“Deafness” by Denise Boehler


He couldn’t see her

For all she’d come to be

It was all she ever longed for

And with him not to be

His vision his life so complete

Without her he now lives

It was the life she always longed for

And the one for which she grieves

All she asked for was his opened heart

The intimacy lying within

All she wanted from devotion

Was loneliness to leave and nurturing to begin

Something deep inside his being

Blocked the pathway to her calls

Now she walks alone

Feels the pain in her interior walls

She works ever so diligently

At looking deeply, shredded remains

Her constructed self she’s dissecting

Deep beliefs once holding her in restrain

She knows not the direction of her future

Nor the counterpart with whom she might share

She knows the one tender heart held for herself

Is not an organ she can continue to tear

For its ripping open leaves only pieces

Drowns her in her own despair

And as she calls for him, return to my life

In the silence of her mind

Her voice he’ll never hear

For it falls unto ears blind

It is her voice she needs to hear

The one she is making loud and ever so true

The one that calls back to herself, I love, and I see YOU, I am always here.


 About the Author: 
Denise Boehler is a Naropa graduate with a masters in eco-psychology, and a background in law, real estate, and animal advocacy. She is always interested in finding ways to cultivate communication between people and animals, in being a voice for the voiceless. From homeless dog advocacy to wolf reintroduction to coexistence with bears to saving roadside wildlife, her passions derive from a lifelong love affair with animals. Visit her (wildsight.co or womensight.co) or connect with her on LinkedIn.
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