“I’m Sorry I Forgot to Tell you I was Leaving” by Haley Morgan McKinnon

I’m sorry i forgot to tell you I was leaving



as I am

nine hundred and sixty-five miles away

from you

I watch a video clip of us

from New Year’s Eve


and over


you pull me in to you and kiss me

and on our faces is all of the love

we have jumped through rings of fire for


on the other side of my window, down over a slope of cliff

is the midnight buzz of LA which is not home


you are home

you are home

with our friends getting high and I

am falling asleep in strange beds



are nine hundred and sixty-five miles apart and that

is just a quarter of the miles that are left

the miles that in the weeks to come I will

voluntarily put between us



it is all I can do

to keep from missing you too soon


Artist Bio:
Haley Morgan McKinnon is a poet and playwright based in Portland, OR. She holds a BA in Creative Writing from Pacific University, and works as an editor for Cascadia Rising Review. Her work has been previously published in The Almagre Review, and more can be found online on New Play Exchange, or on Instagram at hmm.writer.

“Hi” by Milicent Fambrough


It’s hard to tell you,

I say it’s hard to say,

Well what I meant,

What I mean,

To say was,

Oh hey,

I was just thinking,

The stammering of the mind when I think of you






Artist Bio:
Artist milicent fambrough,
Artist statement
My current work centers on self examination and expression. My influences are many spanning from turn of the century into contemporary. From classic to modern I love artwork in all forms. My three most favorite are Art Deco, abstract, and pop art.
I draw mostly from pop culture and the city I call home San Antonio Texas.
My day consists of tending my home, networking with preforming acts and checking in with good friends. Painting daily and sketching with the odd doodle mixed into a routine of sorts. Early mornings, late evenings, lots of interesting outings make up my life. Photography is another passion for me being a person who observes more than the usual.
Born on the west coast. I grew to adulthood on the third coast. I still have yet to see the east coast. The eldest of a single parent household. College educated and formally trained for graphic design. Growing up I was mentored by my grandmother an oil painter and hobby artist.
My pace is a constant flow of new mediums or art traditions. Switching them back and forth to keep the artwork fresh.
This is my digital portfolio.
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