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“Find” by Eloise Typewriter


Find the person
who takes all
of your words
for ransom and agrees
to hold your dripping
ice cream cone
of a heart for as long
as you will have him.
Find the person
who turns sadness
into sunflowers
at your feet…


Artist Bio: Eloise is a 20-something poet that believes words can heal the wounds of the world. She received her M.A. in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University. Her work often focuses on mental illness and unique love narratives. Eloise has been published in several poetry anthologies, including Splintered Souls by A.B. Baird Publishing and North Carolina’s Best Emerging Poets by Z Publishing. When not sipping coffee or collecting typewriters in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can find Eloise on Instagram at eloise_the_typewriter.

#poetryprompts Days 9 & 10 “I Love” and “Doctor! Doctor!” The End of the Challenge

Poetry Prompts Days 9 & 10



We have reached the final day of the challenge,

and I have to say I’m happy with how things turned out. While I didn’t manage to post every day, I did create 10 new poems, without worrying if

they are perfect or even good. It was fun to just create, something, no strings attached. I hope you have had fun reading along and possibly creating your own poetry from the prompts. I’ll probably do this again some time. I’ll see if I can find a new prompting method to experiment with on the next round of the challenge.


Day 9

Topic: My Romantic Life

Inspiration Words: Your, Gentle, Gorgeous


I Love

                                                                                  I Love                                                                                    Your gorgeous,
gentle hands
on my body.

Day 10

Topic: A Desire For

Inspiration Words: Desperate, Ouch, Doctor


Doctor! Doctor!

                                                                           Doctor! Doctor!                                                                           you are so eagerly
wrapped up in your desire for
me to feel
you ignore it
when I scream
at your touch







#poetryprompts Days 7&8 “Minnows” and “as a group, we are the worst”

Poetry Prompts 7&8Well, I have returned from a sick day yesterday, eager to share my new poems! I hope you will enjoy.

Day 7


Topic: My Childhood

Inspiration Words: Quickly, Swimming, Shines.


Minnows. The lake is clear and cold with warm pockets near the surface and it’s dark blue from up the hill but here in the water it is just the colour of sand below me beige and rippled and soft past the smooth stones which are just at the shore in the shallow water I put my bum on the sandbar leaning on my elbows with my toes floating which look paler than my pale skin outside the water where the minnows live and they come to quickly nibble my toes tickling as the sun bounces off the bottom of the lake and makes the little fish shine and I count twenty before swimming is done and we go back inside to get out of the hot burning afternoon sun. Image by: Ramon Fernandez F. 

Day 8


Topic: Our World

Inspiration Words: Whispers, Embraced, Muck

There is so much that we cannot see. So many living things we cannot hear when they whisper from the muck beneath our boots How is it that humans became the dominant species when we are simultaneously the most se

                                                                  as a group, we are the worst                                                                     there is so much that we cannot see.
so many living things we cannot hear when they whisper
from the muck beneath our boots
how is it that humans became
the dominant species
when we are simultaneously the most selfish and lazy creatures?
How can we embrace
when we have created such a cushy throne upon which to kill
and everything else?