#poetryprompts Day 6 “Why Seeing Snow Doesn’t Mean that Climate Change and Global Warming Don’t Exist. (You Idiots)”

Poetry PromptsHello! I got an interesting bunch of words today. I’m particularly pleased how this poem turned out. It’s fun to do a bit of ranting now and then, especially when you’re feeling mostly helpless about a situation.



What’s your tirade about?IMG_4776

Topic: A Tirade About

Inspiration Words: Wet, Ugly, Precise

when the earth is ugly will you remember the precise location of the wet waves to rush onto land_

when the earth is dying and ugly
will you remember the precise
location you stood when wave after wet wave of
ocean water rushed onto your land?







#poetryprompts Day 5 “A Reflection on Falling Asleep”



come to the halfway point. How are your poems coming along?


Today’s creative inspiration is:

Topic: A Reflection On

Inspiration Words: Sleeping, Glorious, Limbs

Hope you find something in here that inspires you!

A Reflection on Falling Asleep

my husband tells me I twitch / my body not mine / lead limbs / as I climb a tree / sleeping limbs stretching / toward dark-leafed branches / one half of my brain watching myself / as I climb myself / gloriously upward toward a canopy of stars / paralyzed while cozy- / ily wrapped up snug / though my mind / keeps moving / ever forward / a comet with an icy hot sparkling tail


#poetryprompts Day 4 “Writer Life”

Day 4Today’s prompt was sort of too accurate for my liking. As I’ve been spending time focusing on trying to get my career as a writer off the ground, I have found that every Monday I struggle because it’s the start of a new work week and I have no idea if the work I produce is of value, is wanted, is going to succeed. A piece of good news here and there has been what’s kept me going for the past seven years. I was still in school for most of that and it seemed like a bonus to have something published. The past two years I have been really trying to consciously make becoming a writer my career. Sometimes I am full of hope, more often I wonder what the hell I’m doing? Should I just give up and try doing something else? What would that something else be? I think this poem reflects these feelings.

How do you feel about your career? day 4 words

Topic: My Work Life

Inspiration Words: Consume, Wild, Fathom.

Can you fathom a self loathing so serious you'd want to become a writer_ To consume yourself with wild notions of possible successes_ Fame_ Fortune_ Literary importance_ To change someone's life with your words_

Can you fathom / a self loathing so serious / you’d want to become a writer? / To consume yourself / with wild notions / of possible successes? / Fame?/ Fortune? /
Literary importance? / To change someone’s life with your words? / Such hubris can only belong to one / on the roller coaster of pain / twisting with an ego that keeps repeating, / “You can do it!”


#poetryprompts Day 3 “The Family Tree”

Bring your mats!

I didn’t think I was going to get this one done today! I’ve been sick in bed all day and figured I would just do double poems tomorrow. But, I rallied and here I am with today’s post.


One thing I couldn’t resist was the fact that one of the words I pulled was “Sweet” and my topic was “My Family”! How perfect is that?

Hope you enjoy and are inspired.

Day 3

Topic: My family

Inspiration Words: Sweet, Clever, Pluck.


My family tree a sight to see hewn short on one side with some grafting repair it is rare this clever tree

My family tree / a lopsided tree / hewn short on just one side / with some grafting repair / the tree did dare / to climb so very high. / If you be clever / you’ll pluck the fruit / the sweetest fruit / you might ever taste / take a glance / and just by chance / you could recognize your face.

#poetryprompt Day 2 “Pillow Face”

The Stationer


Not gunna lie! These words created something a bit creepy folks. It could also be partly the terrible wind storm they keep calling for on the news. It was a beautiful sunny day here today, so, I hope they are wrong!


Let me know what you come up with.


Topic: A Dream About

Inspiration Words: After, Mouthing, Slimyday 2


Pillow Face (1)

How can you sleep? / the wind is fearsome / scratching at the windows with wet / fingernails leaving / trails like after snails on the glass / thunder mouthing its dark warnings to the hills/ slimy-green in lightning flashes / Wake up / your pillow face and look death / in the eye / whose demon clouds are rolling / closer to your bed.

#poetryprompts Day 1

I’ve been feeling pretty stale lately in my writing practice. It seems that since I’ve been trying to, you know, kick-start my career as a real, live, paid writer, I’ve lost my zest for just writing and creating something beautiful with words. To combat this feeling of creative crusties, I’ve decided to utilize a very cool gift my bro gave me for Christmas. They are call Haikubes. Intended to help you write a haiku, I of course have decided that is far too limiting for my creative self, so I’m going to be implementing them in my own fashion.

I’ve selected three words, which I will use in my poem. These are the words in black written on the cubes. The words in red are to become the topic of the poem. If you are so moved, I’d love for you to follow along and use the hashtag #PoetryPrompts so I can see your work! Feel free to use the inspiration however you wish. After all, sharing is caring and I’d love to see what you come up with.

My topic is: My Future

Inspiration Words: Bump. Stay. Love.

Until tomorrow, this fat lady is, writing poetry.

Ten Years From Now

My hair is finally going grey/ (yours had a head start)/ we live in a large house/ with a dog who stays on the porch/ (without a chain)/ and some kids running around/ someone else’s baby bumps / we call by our names– / and we eat dinner around a big table/ (this is grace)/ and love. Ten Years From Now by Whitney Sweet




[untitled] by Daniel Pannebaker


I drink from your love’s cup
endlessly (thirst becomes
desire) and know that
I shall never get

my fill.



Artist Bio: Daniel W Pannebaker has always had a love for language and has a firm belief in the power of words. He has had works published in several literary journals and, in 2014, published a volume of his own poetry, Easter Egg and other poems of faith, hope, & love. Authors who have influenced his writing include Gerard Manley Hopkins, Lucy Shaw, and Madeleine L’Engle. Daniel lives in South Amboy, NJ with his husband and a fearless miniature pinscher.