T.R. O. U. Magazine

Love Literature for Humans

TROU Magazine is a magazine featuring short stories, poetry, and essays, as well as anything else you might submit that we like, about humans and their love stories. We are looking for characters representing humans in love and living on the earth.

If you’re like us, you’re tired of never seeing yourself in rom-coms or in fairy tale stories. We’d like to change that, by creating a space for those of us who don’t fit the expected love story mold. If there is one thing we can see in everyday life, it is that love comes to all shapes, sizes, colours, and religions. This is the place to find what is arguably a more realistic representation of real life love.

We want to read stories that are about the best friend, the side kick, the unknown denominator, or the person we’ve never met before.

We want to read literature about:

  • All skin colours/ ethnic backgrounds/ and experiences.
  • Religious beliefs or lack there of.
  • All genders, non-binary, transgendered, fluid or otherwise.
  • LBGTQ2S stories.
  • Fat positive narratives.
  • Body positive tales.
  • Differently abled bodies.
  • Speakers with mental illness.
  • Strong female characters who know their own minds.
  • Male characters who identify as feminists.
  • Give us something unexpected and surprising. No clichés and formulaic stories.
  • Most importantly, we want compelling work with happy endings that make us swoon.

If you’re interested in sharing your writing with us, please visit the submit page for instructions.

About the creator Whitney Sweet (AKA FatWomenAre):

Whitney Sweet is an MA Student at York University where she is completing her research in body positivity through poetic inquiry. If you’d like to check out her project, you can find it at www.fatwomenare.com.

Whitney holds an honours BA in Creative Writing and English from York University. In the past, she worked as a chef. She loves food, dogs, arts and crafts, writing, and would describe herself as a body loving fat lady. Her husband is amazing. They are a body-pos couple.

Whitney thinks that poetry can heal the wounds of the world, and if you ask her about it, she’ll go on for a long time. She hopes her enthusiasm for the subject rubs off on people.

You can check out more of her work here and here if you’re so inclined.

Whitney is the recipient of the 2016 Joseph Armande – Bombardier Graduate Scholarship MA for her proposed research in body positivity.   She is the winner of the 2014 Judith Eve Gewurtz Memorial Poetry Award, a finalist in The Malahat Review’s 2015 Open Season Award, a finalist in the 2016 Christopher Hewitt Award, and the second place winner in the Aspiring Canadian Poet’s Award.

You can find her on Facebook or Instagram.