Love stories for humans wanted!
Poetry. Prose. Photos.

What we are looking for in submissions:

  • All skin colours/ ethnic backgrounds/ and experiences.
  • Religious beliefs or lack there of.
  • All genders, non-binary, transgendered, fluid or otherwise.
  • LBGTQ2S stories.
  • Fat positive narratives.
  • Body positive tales.
  • Differently abled bodies.
  • Speakers with mental illness.
  • Strong female characters who know their own minds.
  • Male characters who identify as feminists.
  • Give us something unexpected and surprising. No clichĂ©s and formulaic stories.
  • Happy endings preferred but not necessary. We are hoping to promote a positive view of “alternative” narratives of love, but if you have a piece of work that fits in with our other suggested requirements, please send it in for consideration.
  • Most importantly, we want compelling work that make us swoon.

Please submit documents in 12pt. font, Times New Roman in .docx form included as attachments to your email. Please write “Submission” in the subject line of your email. Include a cover letter with your submission. Previously published pieces can be submitted for consideration. Please include info on where/ when it was originally published.

>>Poetry can be of any length. Please submit up to 5 poems at a time, all in one document.

>>Essays and short stories should be double spaced, up to 4000 words in length.

>>>Micro fiction, flash fiction, or other forms of writing should also be double spaced. 4000 word limit for genre bending forms that don’t necessarily have a label.

>> Photographs: please send up to 5 photos for consideration. Please include a paragraph or two on why you feel your images are a good fit for the magazine.


Please submit to:

The Rest Of Us Lit. Mag. retains the first serial rights to publish your work if your submission is chosen. After this all rights revert back to the author.

We consider multiple submissions. Please let us know if your work is a multiple submission and if it has been accepted elsewhere.

Timeline: You will receive an email confirming that your submission has been received within 5 business days. Since we are just getting a feel for things, the email will provide you with a timeline for responses as to if the piece has been selected or rejected.

Payment: We are just starting out and cannot pay our contributors at this time, however, we will be launching a KickStarter campaign once we get rolling with the express purpose of trying to pay our authors and expand the life of this magazine. For now, your work will be published on our website with the hope of paying all (past or present) contributors in the near future.